Having studied under the guidance of G.P.Krishna, the film industry can boast of cinematographers who have placed their footprints on many challenging projects. But in success they acknowledge the fundamental skills taught to them by G.P.Krishna. It is not surprising that the students maintain a close relationship with G.P.Krishna and recall the solid foundation he helped them to acquire. The testimonials below are from the heart and truly a tribute to the skills of G.P.Krishna as a teacher.

He was my guru in Film institute. He was the one who taught me the importance of lighting in film making during my film institute days. Many successful cinematographers have got trained under him as well. Thank you GPK sir.

- Randy Rathnavelu, Director of Photography.

Talking of G.P.Krishna my master and guru is easy. G.P sir has one simple message....... focus till you reach your goal. Every class of G.P sir is exciting as learning is guaranteed. He understands the needs of every student and modifies his teaching to make it easy to understand. My master is now launching a school to teach cinematography. Me and my team will support this effort by being able to share our experience with students.

- R.D.Rajasekhar, Director of Photography.

I recall his teaching us the basics like golden points in composition, three point lighting & many more. Even today I apply his teachings. The only difference is the evolving technology adds and complements this teaching. Then I learnt that GP sir was continuing his teaching legacy from a new institue he is launching. I was so happy that we have not lost his guidance and the students from the institute can be easily absorbed as assitance. I pray for the new institute to succeed.

- Manoj Paramahamsa, Director of Photography.

There are many great cinematographers. There are many good film schools. What makes GPK sir different is his talent to be able to teach to the next generation the subject in a manner that they will learn with confidence. This quality of GPK sir will be the driving force of the new school for cinematographers he is launching. You can be sure that any of his students will deliver the best work and you can hire them with confidence.

- Thangar Bachan, Director and Director of Photography.

While I was in the institute, my friends and I, we spent a lot of time discussing movies in the corridors of the institute. We never missed a single class of GP sir because he taught us what was in the books and more. His recall of incidents and experiences made the learning more effective and complete.

- Vijay Milton, Director and Director of Photography.

I got to work in London on a Telugu movie. After I went there I learnt that I was to work with a Panasonic GH4 camera. I have never used this camera so at once called GP sir on the phone. He told me that this camera was good and then proceeded to give me technical details for setting up the camera. I followed his details and I was amazed by the results. All that I can say is that GP sir is always on par with new knowledge to stay on cutting edge technology.

- Vijay K Chakravarthy, Director of Photography.

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